The internal management of all operational processes and the key management of the company allow a rigorous control of the services and a continuous improvement of the same ones.

Padrós has 5.000 m2 of workshops and garages themselves, where the periodic revision of the buses are carried out, as well as the mechanical tasks, iron, painting and cleaning.

Padrós performs periodically preventive maintenance of its fleet (ITV, review of the operation of the tachograph, vehicle control…), as well as corrective maintenance which are carried out immediately when the bus driver detects any anormaly, whether on mechanical issues as cleaning issues or the vehicle body.

The buses are cleaned twice a day, one before the service and another when it returns to the garage.

All buses are desinfected every night with ozone, thereby achieving purified air, clean the air conditioning ducts destroying bacteria or viruses and eliminating possible unpleasant smells.

Every night the buses are clean and with a full tank, thus guaranteeing the availability of each vehicle at any time.

The company is undergoing a process of continuous improvement, with the aim of improving services to all customers.

Hence you will see in all documents and buses the QUALITY ISO-9001 certification, certified by the prestigious brand “C-Mas International”.

Declaration of
Quality Politics