The human team is one of the most important elements of Padrós, currently made up of a total of 55 people, of which 38 are specialized proffessionals in thhe conduction of buses.

A clear demonstration of the professionalism of the company and the good conditions that it offers to its employees is reflected in the seniority of employees, some of whom are the second generation of the same family working in the company.

It is provided with a Training Plan specially designed for the drivers’ necessities, with a wide range of topics, which include: language courses and protocol, updating regulations courses and digital tachography.

Padrós can guarantee the quality of its services by having a stable workforce which also offers ownn training courses

In this way the services and the vision of the service of the company are integrated in each of their drivers, so finally they are who built day by day with its work the image of Padrós.