Padrós understands and tries to offer services that provide security and Comfort to passengers, Loyalty and Satisfaction to customers, and at the same time that strives to strengthen ties of cooperation with other operators of the sector, and respect the application of good practices to the environment, in order to be a reference in the industry.

Padrós' commitments

It is a way of understanding the relationship with the client, aimed to provide a quality, professional, efficient, punctual and comfortable transportation that contributes to solve the mobility necessities of all who demand the use of the services.

The loyalty of the customers is the guarantee of future, and therefore, has to be the top priority.

As a result of the Quality System implemented in Padrós, a continuous improvement is pursued reflected in the full treatment of all of the suggestions, detect improving areas, complaints and received options of the customers.

On the other hand, Padrósconducts regularly surveys and Test of Quality with the aim of obtaining information about the levels of Quality perceived, detect improvement areas and integrate the opinion of the customers in the design of the services.

Padrós contributes to the reality that the bus is the safest mode transport, placing the safety of people that use its services as a priority of the activity by the addition to the fleet of active and passive security systems.

This way, Padrós reinforces the safety of people who rely on the organization when making their journeys. The contribution of the company is the constant renovation of the fleet, and a procedure of preventive and corrective maintenance preventing the appearance of risks and allowing a conservation of the buses in perfect conditions of services.

Padrós considers the social variables and environmental key factors for the proper management of its business. They are aware that their activities can affect the environment, so its entire fleet uses the product “adblue”, chemical product of synthetic origin that allows reducing the level of pollutants and harmful emissions of heavy vehicles with diesel engine.

This product complies with the European standard DIN 700.070.

Padrósseeks to integrate the largest number of actions that protect mostly the environment and for this reason the recycling systems, fuel-saving and waste management are the order of the day both in their offices and in the rest of its facilities and fleet.

Another action is the formation of its drivers to reduce fuel consumption, through eficcient driving courses.

One of the rules of the organization is the respect for individuals and cultural differences.

We must respect our customers, suppliers, colleagues, social environment, etc., and live in freedom accepting each one its responsibilities and the result of its actions. It is key to be opened in the communication and information, and acquire and share knowledge.