Padrós is a familiar company which has a stable and clearly defined structure, thus facilitating the management of all and each one of the services offered.

The key to success of Padrós is its strong orientation to the user. It offers a service capable of adapting to the needs of each of its customers in the shortest possible time.

For Padrós offering an excellent service and working for maximum customer satisfaction are the main factors to be considered in every one of its trips. Its human team and its fleet of modern buses and designed to make the movements of its users as comfortable as possible, makes of Padrós a successful company from the beginning.

Padrós stands out by providing rigorous services and of quality, achieved thanks to the daily effort of its team and the internal organization og the company.

As Padrós stans out for its service orientation, it offers:

  • 24 hours, 365 days a year customer care, to adapt the logistics in any event hired journeys or services contracted with urgency.
  • It has contributors at a national level to offer an immediate response for any service outside Catalonia.
  • In Catalonia it has always a back up vehicle and a driver, prepared the 24 hours of the day to cover any necessity
Our services

Their experiences in transportation, backed by years of rigorous services, quality and professionalism have led Padrós to become one of the companies of transport of professional athletes and amateurs most important in Catalonia.

Some of the major companies located in the outskirts of big urban centers rely on Padrós’ services since such a long time. Also recording trays or organizers of events for professionals (conventions, meetings…) among others, which requirea repetitive transportation service to offer to their workers, as thosemore specific services (conventions, congresses, transport of spectators…).

For all of them, Padrós fits to your needs offering conventional services and VIP.

The school transport is the key to Padrós. since its inception, the company has highlighted for offering a save and great human quality service.

Nowadays they are the exclusive buses of more than 30 schools in the province of Barcelona, and they work on a regular basis with other 30 centres.

Padrós works in the tourism sector for years offering either simple services, as the transfers to the airport and hotels, to logistic and organization of mass specific national and international displacement, through the movements required for excursions and cultural visits.